Tia Coin Airdrop: How to qualify Tia Token Airdrop | Dec 2023


The Tia Coin Airdrop is a highly anticipated event by the cryptocurrency community. This is a Celestia project. Celestia is a consensus data network modular to build a wide range of decentralization applications on the blockchain. The airdrop is a way for the Celestia team to adopt early rewards of their technology and helps to distribute the Tia token widely.

Developing scalable blockchain involves highly complex challenges, particularly in establishing consensus on the mechanism for collaboration among unfamiliar parties.

Celestia provides solutions for customizable blockchain networks and strategically splitting the consensus and execution layers. This read-to-use consensus system authorizes developers to go around computational bottlenecks instead of getting stuck by Byzantine fault tolerance’s intricate mathematics. They can pay strong attention to building and improving decentralization applications.

Celestia’s complex processes are not only for applications but also completely change the process of blockchain creation. That can work as interchangeable with all other components functions such as flexible building blocks, allowing terms to combine and exactly match elements served for their project whatever needs.

Celestia creates scalability and enables a wide range of blockchain adoption across a variety of industries.

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Key Details for Airdrop

Celestia reveals its inaugural token Airdrop. The Gensis drop has provided an early public entry opportunity with its $TIA cryptocurrency. Participants who have staking on the incentivized testne can get bought 7.4% of the total token supply. Around, 12.6% is earmarked for future incentives.

They have written in their official blog that the preliminary airdrop by Celestia opens up to around 7600 developers and over 575,600 on-chain addresses across Osmosis, Ethereum rollups, and Cosmos hub.

Qualified developers and chain addresses can fill in their details on the home page of the Celestia blockchain website. Holded tokens from Genesis drop will be immediately accessible through a digital wallet.

About $TIA price

Celestia $TIA token have increased 143% over seven days, followed by around 6 percent retracement in the last 48 hours. Currently, $TIA can be trading at $5.61, beyond 23.6% Fibonacci support at $5.52.

The price is situated between $6.54 high and $2.25 low. That can keep the prices toward the $5.00 mark, aligning with the 38.2 percent Fibonacci line.

Financial investors can consider the selling $TIA token at these price levels. In the event of bearish price action, Almost 50 airdrop tokens could carry a future valuation of somewhere around $200 – $300.

This underscores $TIA’s enduring potential through current incentives before wider adoption limits supply.

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What is Tia Coin?

Tia Coin is the native token of the Celestia blockchain network. The token is useful for paying gas fees or participating in governance. The Celestia team has said that they trust that Tia Coin has the potential to become a major in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Who is eligible for Tia Coin Airdrop?

The Tia Coin Airdrop opens up almost for all team workers and token holders.

Developers – who have contributed to the Celestia project or who have built decentralization applications on the Celestia platform are eligible for the airdrop.

On-chain addresses – who have bought tokens on Ethereum rollups, Cosmos hub, or Osmosis are also eligible for the airdrop.

Stakers – who stake their Tia tokens on the Celestia network will be eligible for additional airdrops in the future.

How to claim for the Tia Coin Airdrop?

You can follow some essential steps to get the opportunity for the Tia Coin Airdrop:

Check TIA eligibility

First, you can visit their website Genesis Celestia, and connect your digital wallet for approval.

eligibility for achieving $TIA tokens

Second step, To achieve the allocated $TIA token, you can link your cryptocurrency wallet to the Celestia platform. This connection addresses the rewards, which you have earned for supporting the network.

Connect digital wallet for acquiring TIA tokens

In the final step, you can make sure to individually verify that all eligible digital wallets are correctly linked.

How to qualify for the Tia Coin Airdrop?

There are a few things, you need to consider to qualify for the Tia Coin Airdrop:

Signing up for the Celestia mailing list –This will help you receive all major latest information about the airdrop.

Participating in the Celestia testnet – This is the best option to show your support for the Celestia project and make larger applications of Tia tokens.

Staking your Tia tokens on the Celestia network – This will ensure to keep the secure network and earn additional tokens.

What are the risks involved in participating in the Tia Coin Airdrop?

There are associated some risks with participating in the Tia Coin Airdrop. The Celestia project is still under development. There is no guarantee that it will be run away. Additionally, the prize of Tia Coin could fluctuate significantly after the airdrop.

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The Tia Coin Airdrop is the best opportunity to get involved in participating in building a new blockchain. However, it is essential to do your research and understand what risks are involved before participating.

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