USD 75 Crypto Reels Casino deposit bonus

We are looking a new challenges in cryptocurrencies nowadays. each country has different regulations regarding cryptocurrency and earning rewards. Some countries have very strict regulations about cryptocurrencies, while others have legally allowed it by framing some appropriate rules.

Always curious to see what innovative crypto can make. With this in mind, many crypto platforms have come up with a new concept called Crypto Reels Casino. As per this concept, you can participate in Spin and win the specified crypto, just like you do in other crypto games. This concept seems to work well for those new to cryptocurrency. 

So let’s know about the Crypto Reels Casino Deposit Bonus and also the complete information related to this topic in a very deep way.

Crypto Reels Casino Deposit Bonus

If you are new to Crypto Reels, then surely you will be more curious about it. If you want to get a free deposit bonus on Crypto Reels, first of all, you have to click on one of the different options given there.

There are different options in the form of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DNB, and Tether. But if you want to get a big free deposit bonus of $75, then you have to switch to the Bitcoin cash option, and you will get a free bonus of $75 as you are the first user.

Now let’s learn below how to start a new account in Crypto Reels, step by step, and how to use all the facilities provided under it.

Step 1: Open the Crypto Reels website

First, go to the official Crypto Reels website to open a new account. Then you will see the main page of Crypto Reels, click on the Sign-Up button on it. Now, your account opening process will be started.

Step 2: Fill in your complete information

They will ask you for your personal information which includes your name, email, and password.  Fill out all this information there, and then click on the submit button.

Step 3: Request for a welcome bonus

After you fill in all the required information on the website, a popup welcoming you to Crypto Reels will open and welcome you. You can participate in the promotion for new users and click on the ‘Claim Bonus’ option.

Step 4: Next, come to coupon redemption

Go to the cashier and make sure you are using the coupon code ‘Wellcome Crypto’ or whatever your coupon code is. Touch the coupon redeem option to proceed further.

Step 5: Make your first deposit.

Now you have to touch on the ‘Make Deposit’ option to proceed, then remember that the minimum deposit amount is $19.50, or you can use crypto of the same value.

Your maximum bonus is capped at $4,500. For example, if you decide to deposit $1,000, you will get a bonus of $4,500.

Step 6: Now select the crypto deposit option

To get back the $75 additional bonus, you need to make your first deposit in crypto.

For this, you can use Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or DNB, as well as Tether. However, it is advised to use Bitcoin cash as much as possible.

Step 7: Enter the deposit amount

Enter the amount of deposit you want to use to play, and then click on ‘Next’. You need to use a minimum $20 deposit amount to make a bonus.

Step 8: Deposit your bitcoins to the blockchain address.

Deposit bitcoins to the blockchain address through the QR code. If you have a crypto wallet, then Click on the ‘Check’ button provided to see if the payment you sent is successful or not.

Step 9: Play in Slot to Get $75 Free Chip

Note that the $75 Free Chip is the only slot game eligible to clear the ads. the other games you play in this category will not be caught under bonus conditions in any way.

Important terms and conditions of the Crypto Reels Welcome Bonus

Although there is anything in the form of bonuses in crypto, there are certain terms and conditions for all of them that are set according to different platforms. We are going to know in depth about some of these terms and conditions of the Crypto Reels Wellcome Bonus.

The welcome bonus at Crypto Reels is only for new players. Others will not be eligible. So check all the terms and conditions below for the $75 welcome bonus before you start.

  • Code for the Welcome Bonus Promo [As per your code]
  • A bonus of 450% times $4,500
  • Requirement for Wagering: 50X
  • Eligible Games: Slot
  • For new players only.
  • Maximum Total Bet: $10
  • There is no maximum cashout amount

As a new part of the welcome bonus package, new users get a Crypto Reels Free Chip for making their first deposit into Crypto Reels. The complete terms and conditions of the Free Chip promotion are given below.

  • $75 gets a free chip
  • Wagering Requirement Maximum: 50x
  • Eligible Game: Slot
  • For new players only.
  • Maximum Total Bet: $10
  • Maximum cashout amount: 10x

Is Crypto Reels Casino legit?

Crypto Reel Casino is a relatively new online casino. It is slated to be launched in 2023. It is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, which has all the rights to it. Casinos use Provably Fair to check if their games are fair.

There are also some positive examples of online crypto like Reels Casino, which has been seeing maximum usage ever since it was unveiled. The free bonus concept along with different types of game slots. That makes it more entertaining and playable.

All in all, it can be a bit difficult to tell if Crypto Reel Casino is legit or not. Because of its proper licensing and all its processes, it is not advisable to judge it as right or wrong.

Everyone’s experience with Crypto Reels Casino can be different. It all depends on the user experience and how they use the platform.


As much as there are different forms of cryptocurrencies, there are also different forms of crypto games on online platforms. many crypto casino games are available on this cryptosystem. Among these, some are especially famous.

Crypto Reels Casino stands out from the crowd and creates a space in the minds of users within a short period. The great bonus on it as well as all the convenient processes helped to reach the maximum number of users. Here, The more practice and research in crypto, the more it helps to understand.

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